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Introduction To Off-Road Course

Introduction To Off-Road Course

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Elevate your off-road adventures with our specialized Off-Road Truck Safety Course, designed specifically for Ford Raptors but open to all off-road truck enthusiasts. Our expert-led training ensures you master the terrain with confidence, emphasizing vehicle control, safety protocols, and advanced driving techniques. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned driver, our course equips you with the skills to tackle any challenge while safeguarding your truck and passengers. Join us to enhance your off-roading experience and drive with unmatched expertise.

Program Goals:

  • Understand Weight Transfer
  • Throttle Management
  • Left Foot Braking
  • Adapt to Understeer and Oversteer
  • Induce and Correct Slides
  • Understand the Proper Driving Line
  • Straight Line Braking
  • How to Maximize Traction


*All courses and events are held at Eagles Canyon Raceway in Decatur Texas*

*Must provide own off-road inspected vehicle*


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