About R&R Off-Road

R&R OFF-ROAD was founded and established in early 2024. What started as a fundraising event for Raptors & Rifles quickly evolved into an off-road community of itself.

R&R Off-Road aims to revolutionize the off-road experience by offering a comprehensive range of services, including off-road events, schools, all-inclusive weekends, and top-notch rental vehicles. Our mission is to provide enthusiasts with thrilling and accessible off-road adventures, creating a community around the love for off-road experiences. With a commitment to safety, education, and exceptional customer satisfaction, R&R Off-Road is your go to company in the off-road recreation industry.

The best part, we will be donating proceeds to Raptors & Rifles to continually change the lives of those that deserve it the most; our active duty, veterans, and first responders.