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Child (Under 8) Entry For Turf Wars Texas @ Eagles Canyon Raceway

Child (Under 8) Entry For Turf Wars Texas @ Eagles Canyon Raceway

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Entry ticket for a child spectator/passenger for Turf Wars Texas @ Eagles Canyon Raceway. Ticket includes:

  • Spectator/passenger entry for child for event

Welcome to the ultimate off-road event of the year: Turf Wars! This adrenaline-pumping showdown brings together the fiercest competitors from the four major cities of Texas—Austin, Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas. Prepare yourself for a day of dirt-slinging, tire-spinning, and heart-racing action as these urban warriors take to the rugged terrain to prove who reigns supreme in the Lone Star State.

Event Details
- Date: August 23-25th
- Location: Eagles Canyon Raceway Decatur, Texas 
- Time:

      Friday: 3pm-9pm

      Saturday: 9am-9pm

      Sunday: Breakfast to overlook run or overlook run to coffee and snacks at the overlook (tentative)

Event Highlights
- Obstacle Course: Navigate through a series of challenging obstacles designed to test the limits of both driver and machine. Throughout the course you will need a partner to capture flags from their window. From steep hills to a water crossing, only the toughest will make it through.

- Drag Races To Stop Box: Head-to-head sprints across rugged terrain. Speed meets strategy as drivers push their vehicles to the max in a race to the finish line. BUT not so fast.... You need to be able to stop that vehicle in the stop box to qualify a time.

- Slalom: Drive the vehicle in a straight line to speed followed by a sequence of turns around cones in alternating directions. Careful to not knock the cones over or you may not qualify a time for your team.

- Food and Drink: Enjoy a variety of food being served from the onsite restaurant. R&R vehicles will be roaming with coolers of water and other beverages. 

Prizes and Glory:
- Turf Wars Champion: The city that accumulates the most points across all events will be crowned the Turf Wars Champion, earning bragging rights and (maybe) a custom trophy.


  • Helmets must be worn AT ALL TIMES by everyone in vehicle
  • Everyone must be buckled in AT ALL TIMES
  • No firearms on site
  • 100% sober driving
  • Illegal drugs will not be tolerated on site or at this event
  • No glass containers on off-road venue
  • No driving on track once it is closed (for both lunch and before or after running hours)
  • As slow as possible in the pits
  • The facility has gates that do close after hours plan accordingly
  • No reckless driving anywhere on facility (burnouts, donuts, etc.)
  • 5MPH on service road to the off-road venue
  • Handheld radio STRONGLY encouraged for event

By purchasing any item from our website, you agree to follow all above safety protocols and agree to our release of liability. Please review our waiver terms HERE.

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